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Terry Nova is in a state of sensuous ecstasy. The sights, sound and heat of this tropical fantasy island have gotten to her. She wouldn't be the first girl to "go native." When Terry goes into the beach house, she hears a mild buzzing sound and investigates.

Miss Nova sees Lorna Morgan naked under a robe sitting in a bathroom and carefully trimming her pussy with an electric trimmer. This erotic sight sends a wave of sexual excitement coursing through Terry's own pussy. She begins masturbating herself as she spies on Lorna--so turned on is she.

When Lorna finishes her grooming, she turns the shaver upside-down and applies the vibrating base to the top of her lips and her clit. Waves of pleasure flood the Welsh woman's gorgeous body. How many husbands and boyfriends would ever suspect that their women are doing the same thing in their bathrooms with an innocent-looking electric shaver?

Meanwhile, Terry continues to masturbate thinking of Lorna and what she is doing to herself. It's… Read More »
Featuring: Lorna Morgan and Terry Nova
Date: July 19th, 2023
Duration: 11:11

Member Comments

I love them big tit's! And when they are playing with there wet pussy that's very HOTT!!
Watching Terry masturbate moaning and rubbing her huge tits while spying on Lorna has me cumming so hard oooooohhhhh yessssss
Lovely tits, lovely fanny, tho prefer them furry!

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